Group Training (CrossFit and X⁴)

Group Training (CrossFit and X⁴)

Group classes are designed for community.

Highly qualified instructors coach all of our group classes. We strive to maintain a 7 to 1 athlete to coach ratio. Our workouts are highly effective and are designed to get you results in the shortest time possible.

CrossFit is by design broad, general and inclusive. Its specialty is in not specializing, and its workouts elicit a maximal neuro-endocrine response from your body by taxing your body to its core with variety, intensity, and multiple joint, full body, functional movements.

CrossFit has been called “The Sport of Fitness” because it re-introduces personal athletic achievement and performance to training. The mindset at the start of each workout is to be stronger, move faster, more efficiently, with better form than ever. This is why even after years of training CrossFit style, scores and times in workouts continue to drop and athletes continue to improve. It’s hard, fun, exciting, challenging, and will push you to be your absolute best!

One of the things that makes CrossFit unique is that it addresses the fact that the fitness needs of an “Average Joe” are identical to that of a top athlete – the only difference being intensity (speed & weight) and volume. In all cases, the best results come when training included functional movement (that which replicates real life movement), at high intensity and with constant variety. Any exercise program that meets these three criteria can be considered “CrossFit,” from shoveling dirt, hauling rocks and cutting down trees to weightlifting, pull ups and sprinting.

New to CrossFit

To get started, you will need to set up a No Sweat Intro with one of our coaches. Don’t be intimidated, we like to get to know all of our prospective clients before we start training. During your intro you will tell us about your health and fitness goals and we will also answer any questions you might have. We will tell you about CrossFit Boro or the CrossFit methodology, our prices and schedule, but most important of all the way WE train people and the ins and outs of the average day of training.

Experienced CrossFitters

As with all new members, you are more than welcome to schedule an intro session to discuss some of your goals as well as your CrossFit experience.

CrossFit is a system of training that is infinitely scalable. You determine how hard to push, whether that is competing in sport or being generally prepared for life. CrossFit Boro is here to help you on your journey, whatever it is.

Start today. 6 months from now, you’ll be glad you did.