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We’re still in the earlier stages of our Bench Press cycle. Like we did with the Deadlift and Back Squat, you’ll be doing two sets of 3 reps at a moderate-heavy load then a max effort set at 85%. We’re shooting for 3 but 2 or more is great! Make sure you have a spotter mearby and ready for that final set!!!

The first workout of 2020 is a Partner WOD, because the best years are the ones we share with the people we care about. (Cheesy, but true). So grab your workout buddy or find one in your class and crush it! I brought back an uncommon movement that I’ve only released once before, the Lungester. Sure to get your glutes firing on all cylinders, this is a doozy of an exercise. One partner will do all 5 reps while the other rests. Then the resting partner will do all 10 burpees while the first partner rests, then they’ll switch roles again and the partner who originally did the Lungesters will finish the round with 15 T2B. The burpee partner will then start the round with Lungesters and that pattern will repeat until 18 minutes are up. Have fun, podnas!!!

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A: Bench Press (3 @ 65% – 3 @ 75% – Max Reps @ 85%)

Rest 75-sec between sets

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 18 minutes

With a partner, leapfrog-style:

5 Lungesters (35/25#)

10 Burpees

15 Toes to Bar
A Lungester is completed by performing a lunge on both the right and left leg, followed by a Thruster, with a DB at both shoulders.


Glute Smash

Suprapatellar Smash (

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