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Remember, we are only open at 6:15 and 8:15am today! Come get your Christmas Even started on the right foot with us!

We have our last heavy Back Squat session before we deload and then go for a new 1RM. Then a nice long cardio and weightlifting WOD to revv up your metabolism before the feasting tonight.

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A: Back Squat (5 @ 70% – 3 @ 80% – Max @ 90%)

Rest 90-sec between sets

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

5 Rounds (30 minutes):

Min 1: 14 Alt. DB Snatches (50/35#)

Min 2-3: 400/300m Row

Min 4: 14 Single-Arm DB Thrusters (7R/7L)

Min 5-6: 20/15 cal Bike
Score is # of Rounds where the work was successfully completed within the given timeframe (Total Possible is 20 Rounds)



Crossbody Figure Four Stretch

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