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New week, new month, new chance to finish off the year strong! Let’s make this the most consistent December yet!

The focus of today’s workout is on the Snatch. But to keep your heart rate up, we mixed in a cardio element to keep your blood pumping and heartrate up. You’ll use the rest time you earn to add weight to the bar after each rep. The goal is to finish at as heavy as possible while under some fatigue. You may power or squat snatch, whichever allows you to get the most weight overhead. You must successfully complete the lift before increasing in weight. You may continue with the EMOM even if you fail to complete the lift within a minute. Good luck!

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A: Metcon (Weight)

EMOM x 20 minutes

Min 1: 6 Burpee D-Ball to Shoulder (80/50#)

Min 2: 1 Snatch (Building)
You must complete the preceding Burpee DB2S for the Snatch to count; Score is heaviest weight completed


Child’s Pose w/ Cross-Arm


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