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Let’s sweat off all of that Turkey (let’s be honest – I meant Pecan Pie!) We have classes today at 9am and 10am! Come and get it in!

Today we officially start our Deadlift cycle with some increasing weight sets of 5. The third and final set will be a max effort so if you can go beyond 5 reps, do it! You’ll be logging the weight you used and how many reps you performed.

The WOD is gonna burn. Long calorie-rows, lots of burpees with an extra high jump, and a speed bump every 3 minutes! You will feel very accomplished after finishing this one. Don’t miss out on the chance to make yourself proud!!!

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A: Deadlift (5 @ 60% – 5 @ 70% – Max @ 80%)

Rest 1 minute between sets

All sets are Touch-N-Go. The third set is a max effort so if you can exceed 5 reps, go for it!

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time:

60/45 cal Row

30 Burpees over Rower

40/30 cal Row

20 Burpees over Rower

20/15 cal Row

10 Burpees over Rower

*Every 3 minutes, do 1 Wall Walk


Foam Roll Glutes and Lower Back

Pec Smash on the Rig

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