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We saw some reallyyy heavy clean and jerks in the fourth week of the Open. I noticed many athletes were able to complete the clean but struggled to finish the jerk, often using the Push Jerk method as that is the one we practice most regularly. Most athletes actually perform better with the Split Jerk at heavy / max effort loads so we will spend some time practicing them today.

The workout is a couplet of Deadlifts and Toes to Bar. For one movement, you’ll be aggressively opening the hip, in the other you’ll be rapidly closing it. Both will challenge your grip. The Deadlift weight should be heavy but not impossible, and can be done in consistent singles. With a 13-minute time cap, you’ll need to be moving quickly through the reps of 3 and 7, taking no more than around 1:15 per round. Leggo!

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A: Split Jerk (5×5 @ light-moderate weight)

Rest 1 minute between sets – Accumulate 5-10 Footwork Drills during Rest

B: Metcon (Time)

10 RFT (Time Cap: 13 minutes)

3 Deadlifts (275/175#)

7 Toes to Bar


Iron Cross

3-Way Classic Hamstring

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