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We have some Sumo RDLs today with no touch at the floor. For this reason, and because we don’t want to be too sore before the Open workout on Friday, we’re going to keep the load light today. These are excellent for building strength in your hips/glutes and for lengthening out the musculature in your backside.

This workout has some ups and downs in it. Both literally and figuratively. We’ll be getting down and up from the floor in the Man Makers, your heart rate is sure to rise during the row, then you’ll get a nice break during the carry. Note that one push-up was removed from the traditional Man Maker prescription, so don’t do more work than you need to and keep those shoulders a little fresher before 20.5.

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A: No-Touch Sumo Romanian Deadlifts (4×15 @ light-moderate load)

Rest 1 minute between sets

B: Metcon (Time)

3 RFT (Time Cap: 18 minutes)

10 Man Makers* (35/20#)

25/20 cal Row

40m 1-Arm OH Waiter Carry, 20m each (35/20#)

*1 Man Maker = Renegade Row RIGHT + Push-Up + Renegade Row LEFT + Squat Clean Thruster


Foam Roll Quads

Twisted Executive Stretch

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