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Let’s shake the dust off of some overhead squats. We are spending a good bit of time at the beginning of class today to improve our positioning, stamina, and control in the most advanced squat we perform – the OHS. Requiring thoracic, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle mobility along with balance, strength, and coordination, this lift is a challenging one to say the least. We’ll fight for better movement with the empty bar before loading it up in the workout.

At every 3 minutes for 18 minutes, you’ll be completeing 6 rounds of the work listed. With only a 3 minute window, the box jumps should be quick so be sure to jump to a box that does not cause you hesitation. The burpees are in place and shouldn’t take more than a minute. The OHS will need to be taken from the floor to begin each set, so getting it overhead will be the first concern. After that, it’s a quick 4 reps at a relatively heavy weight. If you bought enough time moving quickly in the jumps and burpees, you should be able to challenge yourself with the loading.

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A: Overhead Squat ((4×10 @ empty barbell))

Choose one mobility to do for 1 minute between sets:

A) T-Spine Opener w/ bar and foam roller

B) Banded Ankle Distraction

C) K-Star Lunge

D) Banded Overhead Distraction

B: Metcon (Time)

Every 3 minutes for 18 minutes

12 Box Jumps (24/20″)

8 Burpees

4 Overhead Squats (135/95#)
Score is slowest round


Barbell Quad Smash

Barbell Trap Smash

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