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Brand new week for us to learn and grow! We’re kicking things off with some traditional joint isolation exercises (aka the bro sesh!) In an effort to keep our upperbody joints healthy with strong tendons and ligaments, we’ll be working our triceps, biceps, and rear deltoids.

The workout is a doozy. Two movements we haven’t yet seen in the Open this season are C2B and rowing for calories. Today, we get a chance to improve in these two domains. The C2B volume is low so even if done in quick singles, it should not take more than a minute to complete the set. The DB Hang Clean & Jerk was last seen in 2018 and as executed then, you’ll switch arms throughout the set. At this weight, and with the relief of switching arms, you should be able to do the 16 reps unbroken for at least the first two rounds. The calorie row will be the meat and potatoes of this workout. It should not take longer than 2-2:30 minutes to finish these calories so you’ll need to be pulling some powerful strokes. Let’s go!!

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

4 Super Sets

10 DB Bentover Tricep Extensions, each

10 DB Bicep Curls, not alternating

10 DB Bentover Reverse Flys
Rest 20-30 seconds between movements

B: Metcon (Time)

4 RFT (Time Cap: 30 minutes)

8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

16 DB Hang Clean & Jerks* (50/35#)

24 cal Row

Rest 1 minute
*Switch arms every 4 reps


Brachialis Smash

Posterior Deltoid Smash

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