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On Wednesday’s, we do Core! (Mean Girls reference)

We are kicking things off today with some core and pulling/pressing work. Love Taps will likely be a new movement for most of you, or you may have heard them called something different. They’ll light up your hip flexors like it’s their job (and it is!)

Today’s workout will be done with a partner. These are great for short bursts of effort followed by rest and will ensure you are toning down a bit before the Open workout on Friday. To help prevent excessive soreness, the Deadlifts must be done in singles today. that means you’ll set up at the bar, stand up with the bar, then drop the bar from the finished position. Then repeat until 7 reps are completed. The Double Unders should take no longer than 40 seconds so either commit to 40 seconds of practice or 60 Single Unders so that you stay moving but don’t keep your partner resting too long. Leggo!

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A: Metcon (No Measure)


15 DB Bentover Rows

15 Hollow Rocks

15 Push-Ups

15 Love Taps

B: Metcon (Time)

With a partner, 7 Rounds EACH For Time (Time Cap: 16 minutes)

7x 1 Deadlift* (225/155)

30 Double Unders

*Barbell MUST be dropped at the top of the rep. Reset at the bottom for each of the seven reps. No touch-n-go allowed today.
Partners will take turns completely an entire round. Each will complete 7 so there are 14 total rounds.


Iron Cross (

Downward Dog + Calf Stretch (

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