The One with the Wall Walks

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Happy TWOsday! TWOday we have TWO rounds for time of some weightlifting and gymnastics work. The weight you use will ultimately be determined by the Shoulder to Overhead. Regardless, the Deadlifts will be VERY LIGHT. So light, in fact, that going unbroken should be more than doable. The S2OH, however, may need to be broken once or twice but you should be able to do at least 10 reps in a row with the weight you’ve chosen especially considering you’ll be doing Wall Walks before and after both sets. The Toes to Bar should take no longer than 2 minutes. Consider scaling the reps back to 15-20 if you can do one at a time but cannot string them together. Let’s do it!

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A: Metcon (Time)

2 RFT (Cap: 30 minutes)

30 Deadlifts (95/65#)

5 Wall Walks

30 Toes to Bar

5 Wall Walks

30 Shoulder to Overhead

5 Wall Walks


Tucked Executive Stretch (

Scorpion + Chest Stretch (

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