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The Strict Press is back again but this time at a slower tempo. There’s no prescribed percentage because the weight will be laregly affected by the tempo that we’re working at. You may have to do some guess work and warm-up sets to figure it out.

The workout involves two of our most functional exercises – the Air Squat and the Sumo Deadlift. Like the conventional Deadlift, the SDL teaches us how to brace our spine when lifting objects that might require us to assume a wider stance. The SDL also challenges the hips moreso than the lower back like the DL does. We’ll also be practicing an advanced gymnastics move – the Ring Muscle-Up. Being that this exercise is not accessible for most athletes, you’ll scale with whatever pulling variation you are capable of. Have fun!

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A: Strict Press (7×3 @ 3013 tempo)

Complete 3 Strict Presses at the prescribed tempo, every minute on the minute for 7 minutes

B: Metcon (Time)

5 RFT (Time Cap: 18 minutes)

21 Air Squats

7 Sumo Deadlifts (185/115#)

3 Ring Muscle Ups
Scales for RMU are 3 BMU, 6 C2B, 9 Pull-Ups, or 12 Ring Rows


Twisted Executive Stretch

Rhomboid Smash w/ Lacrosse Ball

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