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Okay! We have a “fun” partner WOD today!

Depending on the gender of the partners will determine how many calories you guys are gunning for. This is how it’ll work… Partner A will start on the bike while Partner B starts at the D-Ball. On “3, 2, 1, Go!”, Partner A will begin pedaling and Partner B will start the 50-ft Carry. Partner B will continue with Broad Jumps, Bear Crawl, and another Carry before the partners switch. Partners must complete a full round of the “floor work” before switching on/off the bike. Your team’s score is how long it takes to reach your calories. BUT! For every round that’s completed of the floor work, 1 minute will be knocked off of your total score. So if you hit the calories at 24:38, but in the meantime you and your partner knocked out 13 rounds, that’s 13:00 off your total time. Your score is now 11:28. Have fun!!!!

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A: Metcon (Time)

For Time, with a partner:

MM: Bike 300 calories

MF: Bike 240 calories

FF: Bike 200 calories

*While one partner bikes for calories, the other completes:

50-ft D-Ball Carry (120/80#)

50-ft Standing Broad Jumps

50-ft Bear Crawl

50-ft D-Ball Carry

then Partners switch until calories are reached
Every round completed of the carries, jumps, and crawl is 1 minute off the team’s total time – Log actual time in the Notes


Child’s Pose (

Twisted Executive Stretch (

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