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Hopefully there’s no possible threat of a hurricane to disrupt our training this week!

We’ve got some closed and open chain vertical pressing to do today. It’s sure to be very imPRESSive (don’t hate me pls). We’ll tackle some Strict Presses at a moderate load before moving into the workout. Because it is an AMRAP with a finite time range and the reps are relatively low, I’d encourage you to challenge yourself to do more advanced movements today than you might otherwise. So, if you have 1-2 Strict HSPU, go for them! Same for C2B. If you don’t have C2B but can get 1-2 pull-ups, do that! The Deadlifts are moderately heavy but not impossible. For safety’s sake, you should be able to do the first few sets unbroken, so if the prescribed load is too heavy for that, then scale, but make sure it’s still moderately heavy for YOU!

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A: Strict Press (6×4 @ 60-65% 1RM)

Rest 1 minute between sets

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 18 minutes

3 Strict HSPU

6 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

9 Deadlifts (225/155#)
Scale for HSPUs is 2 Wall Walks


Banded Overhead Distraction

Classic Hamstring (Cross-Body)

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