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Here. We. Go. You guys can thank Barker the Barker for this one…The BEAR COMPLEX. Lots of lifting, lots of fun.

The way this works is you will do all 5 movements, in the order they are listed, 7 times before dropping the bar. That means you will go from the second Push Press straight into the Power Clean to start the next set without letting go of the bar. Once you’ve completed the complex 7 times, that is one Round. Then you’ll rest before starting the next round.

If you drop the bar in the middle of a Round, it will count as a Round. You cannot increase in weight unless you successfully complete a Round with your current weight. You’ll log your heaviest successfully completed load. Have fun!!!

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A: Bear Complex (5 Rounds of 7 Unbroken Sets)

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Second Push Press
ncrease weight each Round, if possible (*Limit Weight: 225/135#)


Foam Roll Low Back and Glutes

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