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Okay, so maybe I am a bit biased for naming a new CrossFit Boro benchmark workout after my beloved pet. But oh well! This workout is saved in Wodify as just that – a benchmark metcon, which means that when it is programmed again (as it will be), if you have a score logged, you will be able to view your performance history just like you would a Back Squat or your Fran time. A true work/rest interval workout, we will be pushing hard for as many reps as we can muster in one minute before resting an equal amount of time. Your score is how long it takes you to reach 100 (including rest time).

But first! Some fun and challenging gymnastics and core work. Although they may sound difficult (and in ways, they are), single-leg T2B are often found easier than regular T2B, so don’t let them intimidate you. The Russian Twists will improve our rotational core strength and the Ring Support work will help us to build stability in the shoulders and elbows. See ya in class!

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A: Metcon (No Measure)


10 Single-Leg Toes-to-Bar

20 Plate Russian Twists (25/15#)

30-sec Ring Support

B: Django Unchained (Time)

For Time (Cap: 24 minutes, including rest time)

1 minute Work / 1 minute Rest

100 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20″)


Foam Roll Quads

Super Samson

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