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So as part of our initiative to improve our Cleans, we’ll be focusing today on getting under the bar from two different hang positions. If you struggle with “letting go” and “getting under”, be in class today!!!

The workout is all barbell and ALL OUT. Each working piece is only 3 minutes so the weight should be VERY light for you so that you can move continuously throughout the 3 minute intervals. Each movement build on the next, which means theoretically, you’d never have to put the bar down. But if you must, be sure to do it 1 rep short of finishing the movement before so that you don’t waste it starting the next one. Can’t wait to watch you go hard!!!

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A: High Hang Squat Clean + Low Hang Squat Clean ((10×1+2 @ 50-55% 1RM Clean))

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes, complete 1 HH Sq. Clean + 2 LH Sq. Cleans

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

3 Rounds

AMRAP in 3 minutes

10 Hang Power Cleans (75/55#)

10 Front Rack Lunges

10 Push Press

Rest 2 minutes
Start where you left off in the previous 3-min. AMRAP

Score is total Rounds + Reps across all three AMRAPs


Pigeon Stretch

Barbell Trap Smash

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