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Howdy, partner! <--That's the greeting you should be using in classes today because it's a PARTNER WOD!! You'll be working on both closed (HSPU) and open (S2OH) chain pressing movements, as well as improving your grip stamina with carries and toes-to-bar. While one partner chips away at these movements, the other pedals away at the bike. You'll switch every two minutes. The number of rounds and reps you get will be scored separately from the number of calories you get on the bike. Work hard for your partner and most of all, have fun!

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A: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 30 minutes

with a partner

10 Handstand Push-Ups

10x 10m Farmer Carry (70/53#)

10 Shoulder to Overhead (115/85)

10 Toes to Bar

*One partner bikes for calories while the other completes a full round then partners switch
Score is total Rounds and Reps; Calories scored separately

B: Metcon (Calories)

Calories Accumulated on Bike


Side Deltoid Smash

Foam Roll Lats

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