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It’s a brand new week! And we’re kicking it off with a few new maxes! You’ll establish the maxes in the order that they’re listed. You have twelve minutes to hit the highest weight possible for each of the three lifts. Between lifts, you’ll have four minutes to rest and get ready for the next, so move quickly getting your bar loaded up and broken down. We’ll use the numbers we establish today to do some training and practice over the next four weeks before re-testing these lifts. Be sure to log your loads so that we can easily figure your working percentages. Let’s do it!!

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Clean (1RM)

Find 1-rep max in 12 minutes

Bench Press (1RM)

Find 1-rep max in 12 minutes

Front Squat (1RM)

Find 1-rep max in 12 minutes


Blue Angel

Z-Stretch (

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