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Okay, guys. We’re back squatting today at some pretty heavy loads. We’ve been building up to this percentage over the past three weeks so it shouldn’t surprise you too much. We are hanging on for a couple more sets than we have been working but with one less rep each time.

The metcon has five work/rest intervals. The only catch is that you gotta work faster to get more rest. The total volume on the GHD sit-ups is 50 reps, which should be safe for most everyone. You’re still likely to get sore but not debilitatingly so. Reps may be reduced at coach’s discretion. The time limit should allow for the C2B to be done in singles but you’ll have to be moving quickly. The Double Unders can be scaled to 1 minute of attempts or 120 Single Unders. Keep note of how long each round takes you as this is how we are scoring today’s WOD.

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A: Back Squat (7×2 @ 80-85%)

Rest 75-sec between sets

B: Metcon (5 Rounds for time)

Every 4 minutes for 20 minutes (5x)

10 GHD Sit-Ups

12 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups

60 Double Unders
Score is time per round

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