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Let’s finish off a solid week of training! Today’s workout involves some advanced gymnastics moves, yes, but we have ways to modify the movements to keep you progressing toward your next level. The bike will take up a good amount of the 5 minutes, but it really shouldn’t be taking more than 2 minutes. Calories may be reduced at your coach’s discretion. The BMU and HSPU or their respective scales should only take another 1:30-2. leaving you with almost a minute to rest before the next round. Leggo!

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Metcon (Time)

Every 5 minutes for 25 minutes (5x)

3 Bar Muscle-Ups


27/21 cal Bike
The scale for the BMU will be 6 C2B, 9 Pull-Ups, or 12 Ring Rows

The scale for HSPU will be decreased ROM (AbMat+plate) or Pike Push-Ups

Score is your slowest round

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