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Happy Tuesday, folks! We are doing some spring cleaning today!

We’ll start with some technique work. This 8-minute EMOM will give you an opportunity to refine your movement and make some serious advancement in your clean.

The WOD features an uncommon – and new for most of you – movement, the Curtis P. This movement combines power cleans, lunges, and push presses, and is sure to make you hate whoever the heck Curtis P is. You’ll get through 30 reps as quickly as you can. The only catch is that every two minutes, you have to stop and bike for calories before picking back up where you left off at the barbell. If you did the workout with Devil’s Presses two weeks ago, you know how brutal this style of workout can be. So choose a smart weight that you can move quickly and get through those reps ASAP!

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A: Clean Pull + Squat Clean (1×1)

1 rep every minute on the minute for 8 minutes

Build to a heavy rep

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time (Time Cap: 12 minutes)

30 Curtis P’s (155/105#)

*At the top of every 2 minutes, including 0:00, Bike 7/5 calories before returning to barbell
One Curtis P is a Power Clean + Forward Lunge, right leg + Forward Lunge, left leg + Push Press

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