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Line up along wall

2 rounds

Jog end to end

Skip end to end

Karaoke end to end

7 Wall ball Deadlifts

7 Wall ball cleans

5 Wall ball shots

10 Ring rows

A: Metcon (Time)

Partner Workout – 30 Minute cap

**50 Calories on the Assault Bike will be completed at the

start of every round**

RD1: 50reps, RD2: 40reps, RD3: 30reps, RD4: 20reps, RD5:


–          Abmat Sit-ups

–          Wall-ball Shots

–          Ring Rows (Heels must be directly under rings)

**100 Single-Unders will be completed at the end of each

round. This can be broken up.

**(2) Partners choice: Choice 1 Partners will each hold a 25# (15#

Female) plate overhead while the exercises are being completed.

Both plates must be maintained overhead or all work must stop

until the plates are overhead. There is no resting the plate on the


Choice 2: Plank hold on hands. Either partner stops then both

must stop.

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