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You’ll notice there’s some Core work prescribed today. You have the option to do it before class or after class (I personally would recommend after unless you are attending the 6:30pm class). Here’s a link to watch Coach Alex explain what the movements are in case your coach doesn’t have time in class to go over them:

Today’s WOD is a pretty brutal one… but it’s one you’ll be so proud you did! Be sure to pace the 2k so you can get off and go right to work on the barbell. The load on the Overhead Squat is designed to challenge your body and mind so consider that if you scale the weight back. If you lack required mobility to do loaded OHS, we will scale with Front Squats today. Be mindful of how your sets and reps on the OHS will affect your walks (handstand or wall). Let’s do it!!

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A: Metcon (Time)

For Time (Time Cap: 25 minutes)

2000m Row

35 Overhead Squats (145/105#)

5x 25-ft Handstand Walk
Scale for HS Walks are 15 Wall Walks


To be done outside of class or with time remaining

3 Sets of:

10 KB Chops, each side

10 Side Elbow Plank Hip Drops, each side

20 Leg Lifts


Barbell Trap Smash

Banded Overhead Distraction

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