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Ah, the ever-elusive Snatch. We know how difficult and frustrating snatches can be, especially smack-dab in the middle of an intense, fast-paced workout. So we wanted to slow things down a touch and have an opportunity to practice them in a less intense, less hurried environment. If you avoid snatches, coming on days like today is the ticket to getting better at them!

The workout today is deceptively simple. Just 45 reps of pull-ups and ring dips. You can perform them in any fashion you like, strict or kipping, but understand that when the rep scheme is this low, the idea is to go HARD and FAST. Shoot for big sets and push the edge of your limits. Oftentimes, scaling to a slightly more doable option allows for executing at a higher intensity and is the preferred option over doing reps one at a time. The scales are listed beneath the WOD.

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A: Snatch Pull + Power Snatch

– Perform 1 rep of the complex every minute for 15 minutes

– The goal is to hit a heavy single at the end of the EMOM, so ascend in weight accordingly

B: Metcon (Time)

For Time (Time Cap: 7 minutes)



Ring Dips
– Scale for Ring Dips are Parallette Push-Ups or Unassisted Matador Dips

– To allow for ring access for those doing dips, ring rows will not be an option for substituting pull-ups but Jumping Pull-Ups (from the rig attachment) and Banded Pull-Ups will be encouraged.


KB Tricep Smash

Iron Cross + Chest Stretch

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