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Pressing on with our strength cycle! Yes, that pun WAS intended 😉 Same reps and percentages as Monday but with the Strict Press. Remember… the last set is a max effort! If you can do more than 3, go for it!

Today’s WOD has some cardio, core, and weightlifting mixed all together. You guys should have no trouble finishing the work within 3 minutes and with 0:30-1:00 of rest, UNLESS you struggle with double unders. A good rule of thumb would be to move onto the sit-up after 45 seconds to give yourself enough time to practice and then get through the other two movements. Or, as always, you can do single unders. We are going to do 2x the work to make sure the time stays around the same.

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A: Shoulder Press (3×3)

1×3 @70% of 90% 1RM

1×3 @ 80% of 90% 1RM

1×3+ @ 90% of 90% 1RM

Rest 75-sec between sets

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Every 3 minutes for 24 minutes (8 rounds)

40 Double Unders

20 Ab Mat Sit-Ups

10 DB to Shoulder (80/50#)
Score is # of Rounds successfully completed within the 3 minutes


Cobra Pose

Calf Stretch (Straight Leg & Bent Knee)

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