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Next week, we will begin our squat, press, deadlift cycle using the maxes that we established on Monday. But today, we will do some high-rep work on the Sumo Deadlift. An uncommon hinging pattern in CrossFit, the Sumo Deadlift uses the hips far more than the Conventional Deadlift and for that reason, does not tax the lower back quite as much. This exercise is terrific for improving hip health.

We were all surprised by it in the Open this year – the strict HSPU. We are hoping to better prepare you guys for any strict gymnastics that may show up again, so get ready to see more stuff like today! The D-Ball to Shoulder reps are high but the weight is light so you should be able to move through those 10 reps quickly. And EVERYONE does Single Unders today! Woohoo!

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A: Sumo Deadlift (3×12 @ 65% 1RM Deadlift)

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP in 15 minutes

5 Strict HSPU

10 D-Ball to Shoulder (80/50#)

50 Single Unders


hamstring smash

side deltoid smash

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