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HOWDY, PARTNERS! Sure to be a bit more fun than our most recent Thursdays – you guys are going to do this one in teams of two. While one partner runs 400m, the other will complete 12 Russian KB Swings then get through as many Burpee Box Jump Overs as possible until their partner returns from the run. At this point, they’ll switch places and repeat until 20 minutes are over. The goal is to get through the KB Swings as quickly as possible and get to the box because you’ll only be scoring how many Burpee Box Jump Overs are completed between the two of you. Grab a buddy and get to work!

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A: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

In teams of two,

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

Partner A: 400m Run

Partner B: 12 Russian KB Swings (70/53#) + Max Burpees Box Jumps Overs (24/20″) until Partner A returns from Run, then Switch

Score is # of Burpees Box Jump Overs completed as a team


foot smash

psoas smash

pick any other mobility to help what is tight (last open WOD tomorrow)

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