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Everything but The Kitchen Sink today, folks. We’re gonna start class with some dedicated jump rope practice. Try not to do the same old thing. Challenge yourself and have some fun.

The ‘not for time’ work will challenge your rotational strength, squat mechanics, bicep stamina, and shoulder stability. We’ll even get some time to practice rope climbs in a less-intense environment. A mixture of novel and classic exercises, this workout will be sure to have something for everyone.

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Jump Rope Practice

For 5 minutes, choose 2-3 to work on:

– Triple Unders

– Double Unders

– Single Unders

– Backwards

– Crossover

– Single-Leg

A: Metcon (Weight)

5 Rounds, Not For Time:

– 10 Get-Up Sit-Ups, 5R/5L (53/35#)

– 6 Back Squats @ 65% Front Squat 1-RM

– 10 Hammer Curls (DB in each hand)

– 3 Front Squats @ 65% Front Squat 1-RM

– 60-sec Handstand Hold

– 1 Rope Climb (or 30-sec Practice)

Score squatting weight


quad smash

pick one mobility to do on your own

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