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This workout is dedicated to Chad Asplund, the Row Sensei. Not only will you guys make massive strokes in your endurance capacity today, but you’ll also get an awesome opportunity to improve your technique. While rowing seems to be relatively low in skill, there are quite a few nuances in the drive and recovery of each stroke that can greatly reduce or increase your efficiency and effectiveness in this exercise. If you are working on making a specific change to your positions, do not revert back to poor patterns as soon as the “suck” sets in. Be intentional during each segment.

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A: Metcon (4 Rounds for distance)

4 Rounds:

6 minutes of Rowing

– 2 minutes Easy

– 2 minutes Moderate

– 2 minutes HARD

Rest 2 minutes

Score is total distance per 6-minute interval


couch stretch

hamstring smash

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