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We have a fun one today, guys! We’re dusting off the sleds and dragging them across the concrete! The stations are meant to reduce bottlenecking at the sled drag since we only have 6 sleds. Station 1 pairs some upper body, unilateral pressing and pulling work to strengthen and stabilize our shoulder girdles. Station 2 gives you a chance to improve your work capacity and hamstring/quad balance. Station 3 will pull everything together with some light cardiovascular endurance work. Enjoy!

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A: Metcon (No Measure)

3 Rounds Not For Time or 40 Minutes of:

Station 1:

15 DB Bench Press

20 1-Arm DB Bent-over Row, Left

20 1-Arm DB Bent-over Row, Right

Use same weight for presses and rows

Station 2:

100m Forward Sled Drag (70/50#)*

100m Backward Sled Drag

*Only use old plates near lifting platform

Station 3:

Run 600m

One short 400m + One 200m – Leave and return through front door


blue angel

lateral seam smash

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