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A: Metcon (Time)

Teams of 3

For Time (35 min Time Cap)

150 cal bike

150 cal ski

150 cal row

***While working through bike, ski, and row, accumulate 100 bar facing burpees (25 on barbell), 100 abmats, and 100 wallballs

*** Switch every 10 cals on bike and ski and every 15 on rower

***If burpees, abmats, and wallballs are completed before bike, ski, and row, then 1 person working and 2 people resting

***So 2 people working and 1 person resting while there are still burpees, abmats, and wallballs to do. Then 1 person working and 2 people resting if other work is completed before the bike, ski, and row are completed.

3 Stations (rotate in this order)

Station 1: Bike then Ski then Row

Station 2: Burpees then Abmats then Wallballs

Station 3: Rest


Down and Back:

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Frankensteins (down)

Samson Lunge (back)

Side Shuffle

Jog x 3

Set up bar, get abmat, and get wallball then start the workout


couch stretch

banded overhead distraction

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