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More carries! Yay! These 1-armed overhead walks (Waiter Carry) are sure to increase your shoulder stability and strength because of the demand for shoulder blade activation. They’re also great for the core!

Today we are trying out a new movement in the CrossFit community – the Lungester! Each rep consists of a lunge on each leg, followed immediately by a thruster. We added a spin to the movement, too — you guys will do it with one DB at your shoulder and alternate shoulders every rep. The Lungesters are followed up with low reps of Toes-to-Bar and Double Unders, giving you guys ample opportunity to practice these slightly more advanced movements without getting too frustrated or slowing down too drastically during the workout. Remember! As noted in the WOD, the Lungester reps increase by 2 each round, but the T2B and DU reps remain the same. Have fun!!!

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A: Waiter’s Carry (Single-Arm Waiter Carry 3×150-ft, per arm)

– Rest 1 minute between sets

– Start with moderate weight and build up each round, if capable.

– Use the same weight for both arms

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

AMRAP in 15 minutes

2 Alt. 1-Arm Lungesters* (35/25)

5 Toes to Bar

10 Double Unders

*Increase by 2 reps each round. So Round 2 is 4 Alt. Lungesters, Round 3 is 6 Lungesters, etc.

*1 Lungester is with the DB on one shoulder, perform 1 lunge on your right leg, 1 lunge on your left leg, then 1 thruster. The next Lungester should be completed in the same manner but with the DB on the opposite shoulder.


lateral seam smash

suprapatella smash

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