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We have an all bodyweight workout today! There are 32 BMU in the Rx version of the workout. If you have BMU, but 32 is a reach, we will use the total number of reps to be done in the workout as a scaling guide and then determine reps per round from that total. We feel that for this workout, using the total number of BMU you will complete in the workout is a better scaling guide than thinking about the number completed in each round. We can further scale the BMU to a chin over bar pull-up and push-up option. Rope climbs will be scaled to 1 climb, half the height, or to 2 rope walks per round.

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A: Metcon (Time)

4 RFT (20-min cap)

32 Hip Extensions

8 Bar Muscle-Ups

2 Rope Climbs


lateral seam smash

low back smash

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