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“Mar 26, 2015” (No Measure)

run or row 200m

banded hip opener

dynamic WU:

high knees


butt kicks

inch worm

jog to wall and back

Metcon (Time)

Partner WOD 22 Min Time Cap

2 rounds:

400m run

30 air squats

30 Am KB swings (green/yellow)

400m run

30 ab mats

30 walking lunges

both partners run each time, after the run, one partner does one movement then the other partner does the next movement (at the same time), then you switch movements. You must wait for you partner to finish before you move on or start a movement

For example:

Round 1:

-Partner 1&2 run

-Partner 1 does 30 air squats while partner does 30 Am. KB Swings

-Partner 2 then does 30 KB swings while partner does 30 air Squats


Round 2:

-Partner 1 & 2 Run

– Partner 1 does 30 Ab mats while partner 2 does 30 walking lunges, then partners switch

And then Repeat all the way through again…..


barbell quad smash

gut smash

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