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(No Measure)

Banded bottom sq

Banded hamstring floss

To wall & back:



Butt kickers

High knees

2 sprints

A: Banded Back Squats (12×2 2 w/ 30 rest )

B: Banded Deadlifts (8×1 w/ 30 secs rest )

C: Glute Ham Raises (3×8 (use band to scale) )

D: Metcon (Weight)

In order:

100 Ab mat sit ups

100 banded good mornings

***you can hold a DB to your chest on the Ab mats if you would like to

***Score is weight of DB, if you do not use weight, your score is zero


Glute smash

Classic hamstring stretch w/ band

Lateral seam smash

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