August 2014 – Athlete of the Month – Ryan Wingers




Name: Ryan Wingers

Age:  25

Occupation:  Intramural Sports Program Director

Hometown: Lenexa, KS


1. How long have you been CrossFitting?  –  Almost 3 months. I started at Crossfit Boro May 2014

2. What was your first CrossFit workout?

– 7 Thrusters @ 135

– 7 bar facing burpees

– 20 double unders

– Rest 2 minutes

I remember after this we did heavy weight front rack holds for 30 seconds. I had never done that before and was sore in new places the next day.

3. Favorite WOD? – The Seven. Good variety but doesn’t take too long. Really anything that offers a lot of variety.

4. Least favorite WOD? – Is it a WOD with heavy repetitions of squat or deadlift? Then you can say it is my least favorite for that day.

5. Favorite movement?  – Power clean.

6. Least favorite movement? – I loathe rows. That and kipping anything, I have a hard time getting the timing down without having to drop.

7. Your best memory at CrossFit Boro thus far? – The main reason I joined was to meet new people and push myself. My best memory so far is my first Saturday workout this summer where there was probably close to 30 people working and I saw the majority of people I have met in my time here.

8. Any specific goals, long-term or short-term, you want to reach at CrossFit? –  I want to be able to do a muscle-up and handstand walks without that flurry of hand movement before falling.

9. 3 things you may not know about me are:

1. I officiate college football, basketball, and lacrosse

2. I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3. I have lived in 7 states

10. Favorite CrossFit Athlete: Rich Froning but probably for different reasons…he played at the National Flag Football Championships last January where I work on staff evaluating officials.

11. Favorite cheat meal:  Chocolate baked good. Specifically this summer wedding cakes.

12. To your knowledge, since bread is square, then why is sandwich meat round?  – Haha good question. My initial thought was to add contrast to your meal and make it more appealing or noticeable. That or to drive people crazy.  But because I didn’t know the answer to the question I of course looked it up, and some say it is because in history it was easier to produce processed meats in circular form like sausage.

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