June 2014 Athlete of the Month – Jessica Sexton





Athlete of the Month 2014 – Jessica Sexton


Name: Jessica Sexton

Age:  24

Occupation:  Grad Student

Hometown:   Windham, New Hampshire


1. How long have you been CrossFitting?  March 2013

2. What was your first CrossFit workout? Air squats, knee push-ups, and box step-ups. I couldn’t do stairs the next day!

3. Favorite WOD?  Fight Gone Bad

4. Least favorite WOD? 14.5

5. Favorite movement? Box jumps om nom nom

6. Least favorite movement? HSPU

7. Your best memory at CrossFit Boro thus far?  Too many to count! Watching friends get stronger and smash PR’s all the time is at the top of the list. When I went home after the spring semester a few weeks ago, I power cleaned and split jerked 163 twice. The last time that trainer saw me was at Christmas and I failed at 113. That feeling… is awesome.

8. Any specific goals, long-term or short-term, you want to reach at CrossFit?  Long-term I’d like to build my squatting and core strength significantly (friends don’t let friends skip leg day). Short term, I’m working on upper body skill work like MU progression, free handstands, and consistent ring dips. Basically, CrossFit.

9. 3 things you may not know about me are: 1) To pay for college, I worked 3 positions at a hospital: advanced EMT in the ER, phlebotomist, and unit coordinator, 2) In June, I will be conducting epidemiological research on infectious diseases and health disparities through a hospital in Ghana, West Africa. 3) For 2 years, I played DII basketball at Wesleyan.

10. Favorite CrossFit Athlete: Julie Foucher

11. Favorite cheat meal: Ice cream!

12. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do? Drive to whole foods in a new Tesla and use the hands-free Bluetooth phone thing to call Sallie Mae to tell her to stick it where the sun don’t shine.


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