May 2014 ATHLETE OF THE MONTH – Michael Moore

Name: Michael Moore

Age:  North of 60

Occupation:  Professor in the College of Education at GSU

Hometown:   Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

2014 Open

1. How long have you been CrossFitting?

I started in August of 2013 urged on by my son who Crossfits in Atlanta

 2. What was your first CrossFit workout?

1 ¼ Front Squats then 3 sets: 50 Double unders, 10 Thrusters, 15 Burpees

 3. Favorite WOD?  

Twelve Days of Christmas

 4. Least favorite WOD?

Anything involving overhead squats, chest to bar, and wall climbs

 5. Favorite movement?

Back Squats

 6. Least favorite movement?

Overhead Squats

7. Your best memory at CrossFit Boro thus far?  

In my second week, half way through a wod that involved innumerable burpees, I was convinced Crossfit wasn’t working out for me and knew I couldn’t finish the burpees when Hamilton politely didn’t let me quit and got me through the burpees one by one.  I finished the wod and knew I could do this.

8. Any specific goals, long-term or short-term, you want to reach at CrossFit? 

1) I wanted to improve my basketball because the groups I play with are young and competitive.  I now have more stamina and quickness than I did even fifteen years ago.

2) I wanted to lose weight and gain tone. I’ve lost nearly thirty pounds and don’t wince when I look in the mirror.

3) Last goal: Kick gravity’s ass.

 9. 3 things you may not know about me are:

1)  Carol Brown and Amanda Wheeler are my former stellar students and I knew Mindy Czech when she was a GSU diver.

2) I’ve played basketball at least twice a week for the past thirty years

3) I taught high school English for ten years in my hometown in Pennsylvania

 10. Favorite CrossFit Athlete:

Hamilton and Brack…there just are so many good ones.

11. Favorite cheat meal: 

Oysters,  corn chips and thick salsa. Pepperoni pizza from D&Gs in Beaver Falls, a good Italian Super Tuscan

12. If you could have any super power what would it be? Why? 

I consider Kevin Durant a superhero.  I would love to be able to dominate all aspects of a game as needed…point…passing…shooting…defense and most of all slamming



Mike is awesome to work with, he always pushes hard and even harder when he finds himself limited to range of motion or proficiency of a movement. We were happy that he completed the 2014 CrossFit Games Open and pushed every week even when his nemesis overhead squats came up. You will find him most days coming to class 30 min early to work on double-unders and overhead squats on the wall, he works on mobility like it’s his job and we love that he doesn’t limit his work to just classtime. Mike has lost a good amount of weight because he’s so diligent on his nutrition and training and it shows on the basketball court when he regularly schools people half his age!!  He is an amazing man and we’re happy to have him as CrossFit Boro’s May Athlete of the Month!!

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