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“Jan 27, 2014” (No Measure)

Single Leg Flexion (Lunge stretch)
Pigeon Stretch
20 PVC pass throughs
20 squat jumps
20 shoulder presses with PVC

Thruster (15 mins to build to heavy thruster )


-Once thruster is initiated, feet MUST stay planted for rep to count, if feet move during the thruster, the rep does not count

-You may preform a squat clean into the thruster, or you may power clean, then preform the thruster

“Jan 27, 2014” (Time)

Burpee Fran

For time:

thrusters (95/63)


Shoulder rotator smash and floss (Area 2)

Lower leg Dbl LAX ball smash – Option 3 (Area 11)

Calf smash

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