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“The warmest of warm ups” (No Measure)

jog 400m

Hip MOB:
-banded hip distraction 2 mins per side
-2 min banded bottom squat

row easy 250m

Lat MOB:
-banded lat stretch 90 secs per side
-smash lats on lax ball 2 mins per side

5 mins to warm up exercises specific to WOD

“Mama said clean your toes on that box!” (Time)

5 Rounds:

6 full clean and jerks (155/103)
8 T2B
10 box jumps (24/20)

Cool Down – Recovery

AD or ROW @ 50-60% for 5 mins

LISTEN! this work out is alactic (without lactic acid), but that doesn’t mean that its not going to hurt and break down tissue and burn the hell out of your hips and legs and you’ll need to get that blood flow in there immediately after the work out to recovery properly, SOOOOOO cool downs are NOT AN OPTION for this work out, DO IT AS SOON AS YOU FINISH THE WOD!


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