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MOB Warm up (No Measure)

Jog 400

Mobility x 10 each:
-trunk twist
-golf swing
-straight leg swing front + side
-inchworm+5 each step foot to hand
-high knee tuck + lunge

“Wait…will crossfit make me big?” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

***IMPORTANT NOTE: this work out is meant to be done at 85-90% effort. That means do not go too fast and burn yourself out. The goal is to KEEP MOVING the entire 35 mins! That’s why the movements are easy, we want to keep that heart rate up the whole duration of the WOD.
35 min AMRAP:

-20 prisoner lunges (hands behind head, stay tall and upright)
-10 Russian swings (53/35)
-5 pull ups (ring rows)
-10 wall balls
-20 step ups (24/20)

Recovery and Mobility

REMEMBER TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODIES!!! You only get one so take these cool downs and mobility seriously!

-cool down on AD or rower for AT LEAST 4-5 mins

-work on any necessary mobility

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