August Athlete of the Month – Patti Allen

Congratulations Patti Allen, you are the August Athlete of the Month!!! 


Now, if you have been to the 8:15 class (and now the 6:15 class), then you know Patti.  If not, then you should make a point to go one day and meet her.  She has a cheerful, enthusiastic attitude that is contagious.  Patti is always one of the first to greet you as you walk in and ask you how you are and what’s new in your life.  She does all of this while still giving it her all in every WOD, once she is done, she is there to cheer you on until you finish.

Patti has been coming to CrossFit Boro for a year now, and she still has the same amount of dedication to improving her strength and health as she did the first day she started.  This dedication has led her to see many improvements.  She challenges herself by continuing to add weight to the bar.  She also puts her long legs and arms to use when any WOD involves rowing.  Patti is willing to try anything the trainers throw at her; no matter how hard it might be.  She is even using the skills she has learned on her church softball team.  Patti is a very family-oriented person, and her love of CrossFit has also transferred to her son, Justin, who started coming to the Box soon after she started.  So, the next time you are at the Box with Patti, do not forget to congratulate her on being Athlete of the Month… oh, and on her new job.

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