Cindy’s Evil Twin

BOX – CrossFit

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Agility Ladder (No Measure)

Do each exercise twice
– 1 in
– 2 in
– Bunny Hop
– Leap Frog
– Slalom
– Lateral
– Twist
– Lat. In&Out
– Ali Shuffle
– In&Out
– Ickey Shuffle
*Hands In&Out

Cindy’s Evil Twin (AMRAP – Rounds)

Teams of 3
Two teams will compete head to head
AMRAP (score total amount of ROUNDS)

3 Rounds:

When clock starts team 1 will begin running an 800m run. While team 1 is running team 2 will complete as many ROUNDS of Cindy as possible. When all of team1 finishes the run, the teams will switch places (team 2 will run 800m team 1 will AMRAP Cindy).

5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

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