Don’t lie down after a WOD. You recover faster when you do some light activity after an intense WOD or something painful…use the “Devil’s Tricycle” aka the Airdyne or the rower as these do not have any eccentric loading on the muscles and joints so they promote good blood flow and recovery.

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On Clock 2 (No Measure)

30 sec of walking lunges
30 sec of caterpillar
30 sec of wall ball
30 sec of double unders
100m sprint

“HA….you said this EMOM is how long?!” (Weight)

30 min EMOM:

Even mins: 3 push press @ 70%
Odd mins: 3 squat cleans @ 60%

***Percentages should be based off of 1 rep maxes! If you do NOT have a 1 rep max…weight should be moderately heavy on push press and squat cleans need to be a weight that you can do consistently with GOOD FORM!


Stretch and Roll out after!

***REMEMBER that mobility is very important, take care of your body!!!

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