Who's this little guy??
Who’s this little guy??

This month’s athlete of the month is Michael Roesel. 21 year old Michael is undoubtedly one of our hardest working members and has come a long way since he started.  He came to us in December weighing in at 138# and had awful mobility mainly in his ankles making his squat look pretty ugly.

These days he’s weighing in just shy of 160# and you can see him carrying a gallon of milk with him sometimes if you’re lucky, haha, his mobility has greatly improved as evidenced in some of his recent lifts we got on video below. He constantly works on his form and is one of the best lifters in the box. The coaches love how hard he pushes especially when the RX weight is often very close to his maxes, he PRs something almost weekly at this point and we are very proud of him. We often walk into the gym hearing almost tall tales about what he has done now, the other day someone told me he did 22 muscle ups unbroken, I’m not sure if this is true because I haven’t asked him yet but I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

Michael enjoys Olympic lifting the most but also likes to “express his fitness” through watersports like wakeboarding and we can’t wait to see him on the lake this summer!

Congratulations Michael, we’re expecting big things from you!!

275 Front Squat PR @ 153# bodyweight

190# Snatch miss

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