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BOX – CrossFit

WOD should be preformed at a very hard effort (90% effort) but do NOT go 100% and burn yourself out

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box jump/ t2b (No Measure)

2 rounds:

-10 box jumps
-10 toes to bar
-10 push ups

“Brack+Ham=awesome WOD” (2 Rounds for reps)

10 min AMRAP:

10 burpee box jump (24/20)
10 cleans (135/95)
10 toes to bar
30 double unders

then rest 6 mins…

then repeat 10 min AMRAP

-you will have 2 individual scores
-WOD is scored by total REPS not rounds

Core- (Hanging L-sit) (accumulate a 2 min hold )

hanging from the bar, bring legs up to a 90 degree angle and hold

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