March Athlete of the Month — Janet Lanier

Surprise surprise!! Our athlete of the month is none other than Janet Lanier, our secret weapon to the world in the 50-55 Masters Women for this year’s Open. Our coaches love Janet because she does everything we ask of her, whether she wants to or not. We used to have a running joke on “pick an option Thursdays” that if you kept putting things on the board while Janet wasn’t looking, she would keep going until it was complete. This joke we continually played on her said a lot about Janet’s will to work hard and push herself. (She’s a good sport when we pick on her too…) Congrats Janet! Keep up your hard work and good luck in the Open!!!


Janet is 51 years old, and for as long as I can remember, she has always been very active and in really good shape.  I can remember her playing on USTA tennis leagues when we lived in Atlanta.  Then when we moved to Statesboro, she started doing aerobics, she got into running, and she still played a little bit of tennis.  After doing these for several years, she decided she needed to try something new, so when Wendi Hiller told her about CrossFit Boro she decided she had to try it.  Since she did not know what she was getting into, she brought me, her daughter, along with her that first day.  Soon after, my brother started to come, and since then the Lanier’s have become regulars at the Box.

Brack likes to joke that she has a max of 63 lbs for everything, but one thing you can count on is that she will give it her all for every WOD, and her hard work is paying off as she is starting to do Rx more often for the WOD’s.  This is a good and bad thing for me because everyone likes to compare how we did.  She pushes me to work harder because I do not want to say that my mom had a better WOD time than me.  Janet has been coming to the Box for almost a year now, and she has no intentions to stop.  She is getting ready for the CrossFit Open WOD’s to start, and she still cannot believe she let Brack and April talk her into signing up.  So if you have ever heard Brack talk about someone named Janet Lanier, then come to the 3:30 class and see what all the talk is about.  Oh yeah, have you seen her abs?

(Written by her daughter Kacie)

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