Partner Relay


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Exercise: Front Squat/lbs
Reps: 5×3 @ 75%
Comment: Fast…Rattle at the top


4 Rounds Partner Relay (8 Rounds Total)
12 Goblet Squats 53/35
12 KB Swings 53/35
12 KB Push Ups (One hand on the kettlebell)

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs

“Mobility Shoulder”

40 on 5 off (1-3 rounds)
PVC passthrough
Band External Rotation pulls (red)
Band Distraction Front rt / lf
Band Distraction Back rt / lf

Result Type: AMRAP
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs

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