Athlete of the Month – Chris Welter

We have selected Chris Welter as our first athlete of the month. 

Chris Welter

Chris’ Bio:

Chris Welter grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and attended The Ohio State University in Columbus for college. He worked for 2 years in OSU Medical Center’s administration dept and then went back to OSU for his Masters/PhD.  He graduated in June with his PhD and moved to Georgia to become a professor of entrepreneurship at Georgia Southern. He’s been married to his wife, Suzy, since 2009 and they had their first son, Luke, this past June. He has always been an athlete and a sports fan. While its tough being a Detroit Lions fan, he’s seen lots of W’s from OSU football and basketball teams. He and Suzy are both March Madness fanatics. Chris played basketball in high school. He coached high school basketball during/after college.  He still loves to play pick-up basketball, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, & backyard football when he can. He loves competition and games of all kind. Last May, he attended the Crossfit Regional Games in Columbus (Ohio) to watch a friend compete. He loved the idea of adding competition to a workout to create a game so he decided to sign up once he moved to Statesboro. It was a painful start, but he has loved watching his times/#’s improve. Lower body WODs are his wheelhouse but he’s determined to get to kipping pull-ups. He loves the encouragement and community of Crossfit and this box.

From the coaches:

Chris works hard everyday trying to refine his technique and doesn’t let intensity degrade his form. You hardly ever see him move poorly, this is something I would like to see in all of our athletes, myself included. He spends extra time studying movements and YouTube and always comes to us with questions or suggestions to help or make our box better! Welter drops in at CrossFit boxes all over the country whenever he is travelling and those of us who travel and try to stay on track knows how hard this is. Chris finally got his wife Suzy to join and we hope she loves it as much as he does. Chris is a fairly new member but we expect big things from this big man in the future (maybe soon to be smaller guy because he just signed up for the Paleo Challenge). We are happy to have you at CrossFit Boro Chris, keep up the hard work!

Chris Welter 2

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